Breakaway Community Services Hand House


The Supportive Housing program is available to individuals 16+ who have problematic substance use and require stable housing. The program is offered in partnership with Regeneration Community Services.

The goal of this program is to increase the health and social wellbeing of people with problematic substance use by providing stable housing and appropriate support services. The program is based on the Housing First Model, which provides supportive housing to people WITHOUT requirements for engagement in addiction treatment or abstinence.


Individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined in the eligibility applications, which is available on the Toronto Mental Health Housing and Support Network website.

How to Access:
Participants in this program will be referred to the team through regeneration Services or directly from Access Point: Access Point

To Call Collect:
Dial 0, follow the prompts to make a collect call, then dial 416-537-3224.

All of our programs are free and confidential.

Breakaway Community Services Hand House