GLoW Initiative: Grief, Loss and Wellness

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Founded in January 2021, GLoW Initiative offers supports to frontline workers, community-facing management and coordinators, and community supporters who have been impacted by the trauma and overwhelming loss of the overdose crisis. 1-1 and group support is delivered by community members and practitioners, and is free of charge.

Year 1 (2021-2022) of the Initiative focuses on providing direct grief, loss and wellness supports to those on the frontlines (including peers and community members who are not formally employed in frontline positions). Years 2 & 3 (2022-2023) will expand the program to include capacity building supports, such as skill-building trainings and resources to support teams and communities to respond to grief and loss.

Program Directory

Program Arm Contact
Client Support Worker: Dana Kirkcaldy  [email protected]
1-1 Supports – Intake: Amy Muli (she/her) [email protected]
Program Coordinator / Capacity Building: Danielle Lobo (she/her) [email protected]
Clinical Director: Stephen Chatterton [email protected]

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