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About the Harm Reduction Counselling and Supports Team

Our HRCS team is guided by the principals of harm reduction, which is to reduce any potential challenges or barriers that may arise for individuals who are using substances. We also have a commitment to ensuring that all individuals accessing our services have access to social justice support, meaning we advocate for the respect and dignity of those who use substances.

Our team is able to offer services to individuals within the Toronto area. We can meet you in a place where you feel most comfortable, whether that be in a local coffee shop, community space, in a park or at our office.  We provide free access to safer-sex and safer use kits, offer case management services, crisis intervention, one-to-one counselling, advocacy and support services.


The Harm Reduction Counselling and Supports team supports individuals to reduce any potential harms related to substance use. We work with people 25 and older who use drugs and who can not afford to pay for services. We provide counselling services and outreach support, where possible. Our program will meet with anyone in Toronto who fits our criteria who would like support addressing their substance use, and/or who would like access to safer use supplies.

If you are under 25 and are interested in accessing harm reduction based counselling services, please connect with our Family and Youth Initiative

How To Access

For intake or for more information on any of these services please contact our intake worker, Claudia. She can be reached through the phone at 416-537-9346 x 225, or via email at [email protected]. The intake process usually takes two to three weeks. No formal referrals are necessary. Clients may call in to refer themselves but we also accept referrals from other agencies or professionals. There is no fee for these services.

Breakaway Community Services People Group Compassion