This fall, Breakaway will be hosting an Art Narrative Therapy Group for our clients. The purpose of this group is to reduce feelings of shame, and to build skills for identifying and communicating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that influence the way we use.  This program stems from an understanding that non-verbal therapy can help people work through trauma and build resilience, and is designed to provide our clients with another modality for support, beyond one-on-one counselling.

For 8 weeks, clients can take part in various art-based activities including drawing, collage, painting, poetry, and sculpture. Alongside these activities, folks will be taking part in group discussions on topics such as their relationship to mental health, substance use, and safe places. At the end of the 8 week group, there will be an art display and show at Breakaway, where participants can share their artwork with the community!

Sending lots of thanks and appreciation to our Harm Reduction Outreach Team for putting this together!