It’s that time of year again! As the days are growing shorter and we approach the end of the year, we like to take a moment to reflect on the triumphs and challenges of the past year.  2021-2022 was difficult for everyone, with the overlapping COVID-19 and overdose pandemics. However, thanks to the support and endurance of our staff, clients, partners, and donors, Breakaway has been able to support our community through these hardships.

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report is now on our website, highlighting everything our organization has accomplished this past year and giving thanks to all the donors, staff, and clients who made it possible. You can read it here.

As our Executive Director, Nicola Bangham, says in her year end letter, the real highlights of the past year didn’t come in the form of big accomplishments, but the steady endurance and commitment of our community in the face of hardship:

“What doesn’t get shared in this report are the “everyday achievements” of Breakaway Staff: the gentle and fierce advocacy of clients when they are evicted from their homes; the hauling of food and supplies across town on the TTC; bearing witness to a client saying goodbye to their ailing pet; sharing a coffee and conversation in an
encampment. These small and large acts of kindness and love happen every moment at Breakaway. And for that I am most in awe and inspired.”

Thank you to everyone who has helped Breakaway achieve our mission to reduce harm and enhance health throughout the past year. We couldn’t be more grateful for your commitment and support!